Friday, November 1, 2019

A Contrast in Family

Family, Difficult to live with...Can't exist Without Them

     Another year passed on October 29th. Life, for me, started that day in 1959, and, yes, I am beginning to show my age...

My devotion that morning recalled the contrasting story's of two mothers.

Briefly: In 2 Kings 11, the story of Athaliah, mother of Ahaziah, the king of Judah.
     Athaliah learns that her son, the King has been killed in a purge, led by Jehu, in an attempt to rid the idol worship that had infiltrated the entire nation, (the kingdom was split into Israel and Judah)

     Now, one can only surmise how any parent would react to such news. However, Athaliah's reaction goes beyond the pale, for she orders ALL the Royal Family to be killed, HER children and grandchildren executed by the palace guard. Only the infant Joash is spared, hidden by his mother with Joash's wet nurse. His mom probably executed as well.

     Athaliah ends this royal slaughter by assuming the throne, herself, and declaring herself Queen of Judah.

     Seven years later, the Priest Jehoiada, brings the young Joash to the public's attention and has him declared the rightful King.
     Athaliah's response to this? A cry of "Treason, Treason!" ringing a bit hollow, all things considered

     For the sake of power, murder was committed- Not that unusual. The removal of family, children and grandchildren was/is extremely rare.
     When caught in her lust for power Ahaliah tried to cry fowl and no one listened- IN fact, she meets the same fate as those before her. She is taken out of the House of the Lord and executed,

     Now balance this with a story in 2 Timothy 1.5

     Two women who barely get a notice in scripture at all, a single verse. Grandmother, Lois and Timothy's mom, Eunice.
      The great faith of these two women, Paul recognizes as dwelling in young Timothy as well.
     Which legacy will we, as parents/ Grand parents, pass on to our next generation?

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