Saturday, November 16, 2019

A Few Good Men


    What is a leader? Not the fishing line. What makes a leader? Are leaders made or born to lead? How do we know if we are a leader?

     The US Military is always looking for 'A Few Good Men", not just a movie, but an attitude as well.
     As I progressed in my Army career, I soon found out that one of the constant, ever-evolving aspects of military life is that, the search for new leaders is never-ending.

     Unlike the corporate world, where you hang on to position/authority/power for as long as you can, building power bases and support groups along the way- The military is a constant revolving door of personnel and leaders.
     Now, one would think all that turnover would lead to chaos and loss of focus. And you would be right if not for one overarching element to this story.

     The US Military has one mission. And daily focus on the mission is what makes it work. 
     We Veterans take an oath to protect this great nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The people and faces change, have changed over the last 243 years. But the primary goal/mission has never changed.

     My point to all this is simple- We have folks in leadership all across this country, from the White House to the dog house, who are trying to lead us somewhere. Some simply want to do it their way and expect the citizenry to follow blindly. 
     That's not leading, that's brow beating and bullying.
      Others think the country, gov't, city, church can be run like a business. After all, they have run successful private businesses, so it should work on a grander scale too, right?
      I am not throwing down a political gauntlet of some sort, as I truly believe that both parties in our current system have sold the American people down the river for their own pursuit of wealth, power, fame, agenda.
     I am saddened by the current state of affairs our country our country has found itself in. 
      I am saddened that elected officials on nearly every level, have failed to represent those that actually put them in office.
     I am saddened by the fact that personal agendas have overtaken the motive of striving for the greater good of the country.

     Everyone is a leader in some fashion. 
  • If you have pets, you have responsibilities- You're a leader
  • If you have off-spring (kinda like pets) you have responsibilities- You're a Leader.
  • If you have a job, own your own business, You're a Leader.
  • If you are a Pastor or Elder in a church, You're a Leader.  
The fact is, it doesn't matter if leaders are born (certain personalities tend to lean this way)
It makes no difference if leaders are made, other than the influences that mold them must be pure.
It matters less if good people, seeing a role/need to be filled, step up and do great things (This is where most leaders come from)

What this country needs, right now is A FEW GOOD MEN and WOMEN

My View from the Coffee Cup


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