Saturday, November 23, 2019

All That and a Chicken Sandwich

Is Chick-fil-a my moral compass?

Recently, the fast food chain announced, it was changing some of its cooperate non-profit supports.
     Noticeably was the halting of support for the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
     Immediately everyone jumped on the "I'll never eat there again" bandwagon.
     I find it a bit curious, with all the other moral and ethical violations and abuses, that permeate our society- That chicken sandwich is what we set our moral compass by.
     Chick-fil-a is a privately own corporate business in our country. Last I checked, they have the right to conduct and run their business as they choose, as long as it abides by current laws of the land.
      I, personally, think we Christians are too quick to go straight to judgement/condemnation of acts/positions outside of our perceived standards.
     CFA still has an open hiring policy, they will still contribute to areas of social need- By their own statement, they are looking to focus more on their own local community needs, as opposed to a nationwide outreach. Can we really blame them? 
      Some would say they have taken the first step of capitulation to the extreme voices of social engineering. That may be, but-
      It also remains to be seen if that is so. With so many so-called prophets/experts predicting everything from global mass extinction to to the collapse of our economy- AND GETTING IT WRONG EVERY TIME- I'm betting they are wrong on this one, too.

     Anyway, If we base our moral/ethical compass on the business decision of a fast food chain- We got bigger issues than just chicken!

That's My View From the Coffee Cup

PS- It really is a good chicken sandwich


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